About Philosophy Care

Bent Philipson is a healthcare entrepreneur with over three decades of experience providing high-quality nursing and rehabilitation care to those who need it most. As the founder of Philosophy Care, Bent Philipson oversees one of the leading consulting firms trusted by skilled nursing facilities throughout New York and New Jersey. Under Philipson’s leadership, Philosophy Care offers guidance to its partner facilities to provide individualized, value-based care devoted to the physical and emotional wellbeing of its residents.

Philosophy Care is based in Long Island, NY and its team is comprised of compassionate individuals with years of experience and expertise in long-term care. Philosophy Care offers a wealth of enriching programs, cutting-edge equipment and comprehensive services to help facilitate the healing process and bring residents the highest standards of care.

Philosophy Care guides each facility to maintain a progressive approach, empowering each and every resident to live and recover fully, with dignity and respect.

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